Residential Synthetic Grass

The Perfect Lawn All year Round With No Maintenance!

Imagine having a perfect lawn all year round. Now imagine not having to water, mow or maintain your new perfect lawn…how good would that be?

My Artificial Lawn Adelaide is a leading and trusted provider of high quality residential synthetic grass.

Your new artificial lawn is bound to save you hours every weekend and hundreds of dollars each year in maintenance costs. We are proud of supplying premium grade residential artificial grasses at an affordable price.

Using the latest European technology that provides you with a realistic look and feel that stays amazing all year round.

In the drought prone Adelaide climate this is the perfect solution for your back yard, it is a kid and pet friendly alternative to traditional lawns.

Artificial lawn is a perfect surround with your backyard pool and eliminates the grass clippings and mud being tracked into your household.

All of our grasses are hand selected to survive the harsh australian enviroment.

Our range offer:

  • More than 15 year expected life
  • 8-10 year warranty contingent upon grass type
  • Guaranteed to be able to fade or discolor
  • Offering the only real true Pet friendly lawn systems
  • Made in the nation and certified heavy metal and rock free
  • Realistic and natural
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% recyclable

Once your new Artifical Lawn is installed you can forget about…

  • Watering
  • Mowing, edging and weeding
  • Chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • Mud and dirt tracked into where you live
  • Bugs
  • Bare or brown patches

Call or Email us now and let us help you with your artificial lawn